Our Projects

  • We mediCATe

    Providing essential medical disposables and medicines to the poor patients in the Emergency Dept., which are not covered under any other govt/non-govt medical fund at PGIMER. If you are a p...

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  • We eduCATe

    Sponsoring and mentoring the education of the needy children who are deserving and wish to achieve more than their current resources permit. Children from primary level to the secondary leve...

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  • We Enable

    Provide logistical and financial support to the poor with any disability, in order to help them become mobile, attain self respect, engage them to earn a decent living and become a productiv...

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  • BLOOD-The Gift Of Life faq's regarding
    blood donation

    BLOOD - The Gift of Life. Every three seconds,someone needs blood. Patients including premature babies, pregnant mothers, cancer patients, hemophiliacs, accident victims, people undergoing v...

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  • Eye The Gift Of Sight faq's regarding
    eye donation

    Eye The Gift Of Sight

    In India, we have an estimated 4.6 million people with corneal blindness that is curable through corneal transplantation made possible by eye donation. More than 90% of the corneal transplantation is carried out successfully and helps restore vision in people with corneal blindness. Corneal transplantation in infants born with cloudy cornea can make a big difference to their lives. There are tentative 4.9 million people suffering from corneal blindness. Majority...

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