Who we serve

Currently based out of Chandigarh (capital of Punjab, India), CAN & WILL Foundation serves anyone in need due to poverty or disability regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. The sole focus it to assist them become better educated, attain a some vocational training, overcome a disability, have access to emergency medical disposables and medicines for the poor in the region which caters to the whole of north India as the education and medical hub with four government hospitals, Panjab University and 26 affiliated colleges in Chandigarh.

Based within the twin capital city Chandigarh, there’s a huge medical, educational, educational need which CAN & WILL can fulfill. For example, as per records for 2008-2009, government hospital PGIMER, Chandigarh is serving 8,56,034 OPD patients per year, admitting 160 patients with 74 on average in emergency dept in a day, out of which 82 are registered poor patients. The demand for funds to deal with medical emergencies is far more than the government funding available to them.

Similarly, at least 45,000 students took admission in Panjab University and its’ affiliated colleges in the last academic year. The number of students who were supported through government scholarships and private donations is merely 1,276 while applications received for such financial support received from needy but bright children was 5,580. These are not mere numbers, but futures hanging in balance.

It is for this huge mass of need in the field of medical emergencies as well as education and vocation training which WE CAN and WE WILL serve.