DENGUE & Search for DONORS

Why am I writing this note? Most of the time the calls are being made out of panic rather than the actual medical need. May I request that anytime you get a request to look for donors for a dengue patient, to please follow these guidelines below.

How to make an appeal to CATS for blood:

1. Please don’t tag us randomly.
2. Please inform yourself of the details of the patient's condition before you call out to us. We need to know:
i. What is the latest platelets count and when was it done?
ii. What is the fever pattern and what is the current fever status?
iii. How many days ago the fever started?
iv. Any rash/bleeding?
3. Please give the phone number of the attendant/immediate family of the patient. Means someone who can talk to the doctor and let us know the info we need.
4. If you can, fill up all these details required before you forward the appeal to us, that would be great.
Patient’s Name:
Blood Group:
No of units needed:
What is needed (platelets, whole blood etc.):
Hospital Name & City:
Hospital ID No:
Attendant’s Name:
Attendant’s Phone No:
5. Please discuss with the others if they have already initiated an appeal for donors with CATS, so that we all avoid duplication.

I APPEAL to all of you dear hearts to not panic the moment you hear the word dengue and start looking for donors. CATS value the trust you have in us being able to send the donors. All we are seeking in return is a little consideration. As you know that all the donors are working professionals with targets to meet and projects to complete. It takes anything from 10mins to 2hrs to find a suitable donor. Multiply the time for 4 to 6 donors a day. I guess you get the idea. Rest assured with this little effort on your part would help CATS bring relief to more patients in the region in need of blood. We would really appreciate if you would kindly value our time and our intentions to help you.


Supreet Dhiman

Shared on FB Page of Can & Will Foundation: 22 September 2017

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