Something about ‘Books and Blood’…

Thoughtfulness on part of daughter Alpana of our late regular donor Om Parkash, willingness on part of Pramod Sharma from Yuvsatta Ngo has led to a beautiful decision yesterday morning.

Yuvsatta runs Kitabghar in Bapudham Colony which is regularly used by Alpana and her cousins. She suggested that we donate books to Kitabghar which is well visited by students to read. So if you have books at home which you don't read anymore, then PLEASE DONATE BOOKS at the 30th blood donation camp in our Dada-Dadi corner.

Reading Age Group: 6-16yrs

Type of Books: Academic, non-academic, reference books, fiction, non-fiction, self-help. Basically books which encourages 6-16yrs old to read and broaden their horizons. Books should be in good condition.

Shared on FB Page of Can & Will Foundation: 8 February 2018

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